• Thursday 3 October am
    • 10h-12h – Challenge Ose ta conf’ !
    • 12h-13h – Jacky et Franck PENNARD : “The way of aesthetics. Understanding failures and successes in all ceramics”.
      • Zirconia and lithium di-silicates can meet the aesthetic expectations of patients and practitioners. Manufacturers are constantly changing the characteristics of these materials. Therefore, a better knowledge of their properties makes it possible to establish adapted protocols, guaranteeing the durability of the prostheses. What translucency and strength will be adapted to make a full zirconia or implant bridge? What are our choices to optimize manufacturing processes and colour control? What are the most frequent causes of failure? The carving of the preparations, the design of the infrastructures, the chipping, the work on colour, the cooking are all elements that we will study in response to these problems mentioned in different studies. It is through the mastery of materials and their implementation that we can hope to reach our aesthetic ambitions.
  • Thursday 3 October pm
    • 14h-17h – In partnership with the Conseil National de l’Occlusodontie – Conferences on digital flow and digital dental occlusion
      • Work in progress
  • Friday 4 October am
    • 11h-12h – (ZIRKONZAHN)
    • 12h-13h – Germano Rossi et François Lelièvre (DENTAURUM) – 10 keys to succeed your full zirconia prostheses
      • Zirconia has evolved more in the last 5 years than in the previous 15 years. The opaque material of the beginning has become a formidable challenger to all the materials usually used to make prostheses.
        What can we reasonably expect from this material today?
        What are the limits in terms of aesthetics?
        What are the advantages of its physical and chemical properties?
        What are the latest finishing techniques?
        Earn at the same time in safety and in cost: Myth or reality?
        Germano Rossi, dental technician and François Lelièvre, materials engineer, will address these and many other questions in a presentation that alternates scientific data with clinical case presentations.

  • Friday 4 October pm
    • 14h-15h – (ANTHOGYR)
    • 15h-16h – Eric BERGER (VITA ZAHNFABRIK) – THE DIGITAL ARTISAN : Integration of aesthetic materials in the daily practice of the laboratory.
      • The world of CAD / CAM is constantly growing, offering us every day new spaces of applications. But in this new universe, what is the best material for the best aesthetics? From simulation of the smile on real achievements, we will develop our reflection for the choice of the good material. This necessary expertise for each case is changing our status as a craftsman to true digital artisans.
    • 16h-17h – (3 SHAPE)
  • Saturday 5 October am
    • 11h-12h – Laurent MANEVAL – Economic revolution of the digital chain in the dental field
      • While dental labs have been working for years with CAD/CAM, dentists on the other hand, were to this day unwilling to use intra-oral cameras. The obligations of the future National Agreement as well as the recent special offers, have eliminated the last blockages. Camera sales are initiating a spectacular and irreversible increase. The digital chain is therefore complete and its economic impact on the activity of laboratories and dental practices will be considerable.
        Through several practical and well-argued examples, we will explain in detail the important change to come that will upset the dentistry economy, along with the foreseeable consequences which will need to be anticipated.
  • Saturday 5 October pm
    • Pitchs start-up companies