The Unique Client Journey

Holistic, Digital & Emotional Dentistry
Creating Differentials with Technology
Facially Driven Smile Design & Interdisciplinary Digital Workflow
Marketing & Managing Insight for Modern Offices



  • Friday 4th october 9am-6pm
  • Registration compulsory
  • 200€ VAT incl (3-day pass included with access to the exhibition and the other conferences)
  • 165€ VAT incl for students (3-day pass included with access to the exhibition and the other conferences)
  • Limited to 130 attendees
  • To register : https://aria-cadcam.net/en/attendees-registration/



Is your business future-ready? Is your practice DSD ready? The future starts now. The dental industry is changing like never before: corporate entities are making it harder for small practices to compete. Technology is leading to drastic changes in the industry and in the way dental practices operate. With the shifting landscape of dentistry, it can be overwhelming for a single practitioner – a doctor – to keep up.

All of this may seem daunting, but you can’t just stick your head in the sand: you need to change the way your practice operates in order to survive and grow. Those who do not will lose their entrepreneurial freedom and may soon be working for corporations. That may be OK for some, but for those who want to keep their independence and have a thriving private practice with all the business benefits and resources a corporate technology system can offer, DSD is for you.

“It is not easy for a single practitioner to implement all of these new strategies on digital workflow, clinical skills, marketing and management, so it is a big challenge and that is why this partnership is so powerful,” Dr. Coachman



1. Understand the new trends in dental business and get your office ready for the future through technology systems and Emotional Dentistry Strategies.
2. Differentiation through the DSD Storylines
3. Go beyond with your treatments from oral to OroFacial
4. Improve your Treatment Planning Thinking process and your clinical workflow with Virtual 3D simulations, Guided Dentistry and Complete digital workflows
5. Understand how the DSD Center can help with Digital dentistry Implementation and learning curve.



9:00-11:30: LECTURE – The DSD Revolution
DSD Concept Goals
The Challenges of Modern Interdisciplinary Esthetic Dentistry
The Smile Design process and Digital Facially Driven treatment planning
The Virtual Treatment Concept, Guided Dentistry, Digital Quality control and The Interdisciplinary Software Platform
Facilitating the Function-Esthetic Integration through digital planning.
Emotional Dentistry. Creating the WOW effect

11:30-12:30: LUNCH BREAK

12:30-15:00: LECTURE – The DSD Revolution
Advantages of Digital Dentistry
The DSD Planning Center concept. In-house x outsourcing
DSD & Invisalign Workflow. Facially driven and Interdisciplinary integrated Orthodontics.
DSD Natural Restorations. CAD/CAM for Beautiful anteriors
The Smile Donator & Smile Menu
OroFacial Analysis & Smile Design
Intra Oral Scanners Strategy

15:00-15:30: COFFEE BREAK

15:30 – 18:00: LECTURE – The DSD Revolution
Insights about Marketing, Management and Team Building principles for competitive edge
Creating an unique client journey
The pillars of DSD Implementation. A DSD Clinic